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If you need access to talent, we'll find the perfect student for your organization as quickly as we can. Filling your full-time talent needs can be simple, sustainable and affordable for any organization. Missed the first and continuous interview cycles? It's not too late to hire! Connect with us at hire. All interviews will take place remotely until further notice. Reach out to your account manager for existing employersor hire.

waterloo megathread

Missed the first and second interview cycles? Full-time jobs for graduating students and alumni can be posted on WaterlooWorks at anytime throughout the year.

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We've connected with co-op employers and students to collect best practices to help transition your co-op students to work from home. It's never too late to post a co-op job. Direct offers start: April 13, First interview cycle Includes all co-op students except Pharmacy and Architecture.

ET on the week of your interview Match results available: Every Friday on the week of your interview Direct offers Missed the first and continuous interview cycles? Direct offers start: August 10, January - April work term Suggested work term dates : January 4 - April 23, First interview cycle Includes all co-op students except Pharmacy and Architecture.

Direct offers start: December 14, Job posting deadline for first interview cycle: January 13, ET First interview cycle posting close and applications are available: January 19, at a.There are always a few myths and misunderstandings we encounter when talking to applicants. Here are a few of the most common ones. About how many percentage grow each year? I had a question regarding Saturday language school credits.

I know that it can be used as a top 6 mark but because it is a year long course, midterms come out in January and final marks come out in June. If the university looks at our marks in February, would they use the midterm mark in our top 6 average calculation? Or would they use gr 12 marks from other courses that are completed even though you have a higher mark in the language school course. In the February round we usually only use the 5 required subject marks, not the 6th course, for Ontario applicants.

For technical reasons it is not easy for us to pick out the 6th mark at that point, so we only do it in May. I am a Grade 12 high school visa student in Toronto and I will be graduating with a Ontario diploma in June, How many people applied in total and how many people of those got offers? Is there any sort of quota for the number of students that are accepted from a particular school?

For international students there is a 4 year English requirement. Will admission be a problem due to this?

I saw you answer a question asked previously on this post with the CUDO website. The marks on their seem quite low for engineering. I was wondering if those numbers were the averages when the student was accepted in to the program so like with the first semester and 2nd semester mid term marks or is it the final grade 12 mark so after they got accepted and had to maintain an 80 average.

This will just clear up some confusion I have on the requirements.


This post is old, but I wanted to ask this question in a relevant topic. Is this true? Also a late question, but at the time you apply if you already have all 6 of your required courses 5 pre-requisites and 1 other 12U course with mid-high 90swill you get somewhat of an advantage in terms of getting an early offer if you have a good AIF?

Thank you! If you have final grades for all required courses we might be more inclined to make an earlier offer, but it depends on where you rank. Search for:. The ranking is just used for statistical and predictive purposes. Our philosophy is that if you applied and paid the fees, you deserve serious consideration like everyone else. We have a quota for female admissions. We and the engineering profession in general certainly encourage female interest and participation in engineering, but gender is not used for admission decisions.

We have a quota for Ontario residents. No, there are no reserved spaces for Ontario applicants. Our spaces are open for Canadians and Permanent Residents of Canada, no matter where they are coming from. We have a quota for non-Canadians. Actually this is true, not a myth. Visa students are taking away spaces from Canadians. No, not at Waterloo. People can apply for early admission. No, there is no early admission application process. Most offers go out in May.Lost your password?

waterloo megathread

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Xyz plot in excel

Got a question about student life? From program comparisons to admission requirements to residence reviews—get real answers from real Canadian students. I participated in many clubs including my school's Cancer Society Club where I was the webmaster for. I also created my school's Anime Club's website where it's frequently used by my school's weebs. I was also complemented by my grandma for helping her with resetting her internet router and that greatly impacted my application.

In school, I helped the janitors mopped the floors and they gave me a piece of pie for the great job. I also created a program in Dr Java where if I were to right click a random number would show up on the screen so that was pretty fun.

Yeah so moral of story, marks don't matter as much when it comes to applications since universities also look at your extracurriculars and the type of person you are.

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I call bullshizzle. I was rejected to Waterloo CS last year with I was outraged and emailed admissions to complain, and they told me that students were admitted out of applicants.

I had a 97 average in grade 11 but crap ECs. Currently working on a custom built lego car with Raspberry Pi and working on the controlling the numerous motors and movement of the car through my computer. I don't expect my grade 12 average to be much higher.

Seclists rockyou

The most likely case is similar marks, but I'm hoping my AIF will boost my chances. I wouldn't be worried about getting into software.

You seem to have the marks and ECs along with coding ECs. I would just make sure that your AIF is written well as your ECs don't mean anything if you can't communicate what you learned from them.

Waterloo Computer Science Applicants 2018

What do you mean by SHAD is really good?Lost your password? Please enter your email address. You will receive a link and will create a new password via email. Got a question about student life? From program comparisons to admission requirements to residence reviews—get real answers from real Canadian students.

Kid, you need to stop deleting your post and reposting the same garbage. We call that spam around here. It's frankly annoying and pathetic. Do we know more than the supposed admissions officer you claim to have spoken to? This is the second time you've deleted your post and basically reposted the same garbage. You haven't even started Gr. Get the marks first.

Utterly annoying. This is all I've read on yconic for the last 3 days. Don't have anything else better to do with your time? I'll tell you what you want to hear. There, you have it now. Nobody gives a flying rat's ass if you do, or will have, a That still does not guarantee you an admission spot.

You have it now. The reason I repost it is because this a productive forum for aspiring university students ; and then out of nowhere, random ppl like you start swearing for no apparent reason. Dont swear like that on online forums. Plus, youre jobless enough to search these forums all day. So dont tell me how to use my time. Plus, I have a 98 ish avg in gr 11, so I can estimate gr 12 as well.

What are you, a 10 year old? If you think swearing on this forum is bad, then hop on over to other forums like redflagdeals, reddit, lawstudents, collegeconfidential, etc. Do you even know the definition of an online forum, a space where people from all over the world post anonymously? Yes, telling you to stop spamming the forum with repeat threads means I am messed up and jobless. I'm angry at some high school kid who gets good marks. Let me tell you a story. I'm in university.

Your high school grades means nothing to me, as most students experience a drop in their university marks from high school.

It's called grade inflation; there is an enormous discrepancy between the learning and grading in high school as opposed to Canadian universities. I know people with mid-high 90s in high school who dropped out of university.

And I also know people with mid-high 90s that were "A" students in university and went somewhere with their life.

Anybody can see this given how nobody is applying to university in the summer, so this forum has fewer than 10 new posts a day, which takes less than 5 minutes to peruse through. In fact, I question how you can even get grades that high when your writing skills are subpar, and your logical reasoning skills even worse.Lost your password? Please enter your email address. You will receive a link and will create a new password via email.

Got a question about student life? From program comparisons to admission requirements to residence reviews—get real answers from real Canadian students.

Waterloo Science students answer frequently asked questions

I'll start first, and I hope you can tell me how much of a chance I'll have. Applying for Software Engineering. Well, I can't take 9 courses over the day. Extracarriculars include: Chess team, library volunteer, robotics teamThis probably needs strengthening and I could use some suggestions. Achievements: I will be creating a large program with two other friends that will be posted on GitHub as soon as it is done are near done. I am planning on taking the Euclid and CCC.

Maybe take some other competitions like the Avogadro Chemistry competition. I have a job as a waiter at a restaurant, and have been for over a year. I might become a CCNA after finishing the computer networking course.


I also might take a competition related to that forgot its name. I don't really expect a high chance of matriculation, but I hope so. What do you think? Why would you even apply to software engineering if mac hs is your first choice. Other than that refrain from mentioning every single EC you did in hs and focus on a few important ones if not they might just skim.

Hey, I'd be cautious when applying if I were you. Software Engineering at Waterloo is extremely competitive just like Health Sciences at McMasterso you should probably explore other options too. I'm in grade 12 and plan on applying to Waterloo for either Nanotechnology or Mechatronic Engineering.Elizabeth Egan Gillies [1] born July 26, [2] [3] is an American actress and singer.

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waterloo megathread

She has one younger brother, born Gillies' acting career began at age 12, when she started going to local open casting calls. She quickly began appearing in commercials for companies such as Virgin Mobile. She has stated that she was not allowed to watch the finished show in its entirety because her parents felt it was not appropriate for her at the time.

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Following the cancellation of the series, Gillies took some time off from acting. Inshe was cast as Courtney in the musical adaptation of Jawbreaker and participated in a reading of the show in Manhattan. Animal was filmed in the summer of in Manchester, Connecticutand was produced by Drew Barrymore.It also features insights from the Director of Waterloo Engineering Admissions and recently admitted students.

February 19, I screamed in excitement, spun in my chair, and repeatedly jumped up and down. I told my parents and they were obviously ecstatic to hear the news.

Four years ago, I wrote a post on how to write a great AIF. Since then, hundreds of students have thanked me for writing the post, whether in person or online.

I want to help other people experience that memorable moment I experienced four years ago. Please note that the contents of this post is referring to Waterloo Engineering admissions, and may not be applicable to other faculties. Each applicant will have an admission score. The admission average is your top 6 courses, which include English, Advanced Functions, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, and one other course. This is the most important factor, as you can objectively control this score.

The admission information form AIF is worth up to 5 points. Most students overestimate their AIF score. According to Professor Anderson, the majority of applicants score in the range. Scores of 4 and 5 are reserved for applicants with highly distinguished accomplishments in the national and international ranks.

The adjustment factor is the difference between the first year engineering average and the admission average, grouped by school or region. The adjustment factor is only used when there is a sufficient amount of data points from the specific school or region for the past 6 years.

The full spreadsheet can be found here: Waterloo Engineering adjustment factor. Full credit to Patrick Cain from Global News. This concept is also applied to provinces and international applicants. This means that not all schools are considered equal. However, for schools on either end of the spectrum, there exists a significant gap. To put it into perspective, I will use the North York region as an example. I attended Northview Heights SS which has an adjustment factor of This represents a 5.

On the other hand, George S Henry Academy has an adjustment factor of This is a new, optional component of the admission process for Waterloo Engineering, worth up to 3 additional points. It resembles a future co-op interview, where you try to sell your personal goals and interests to the Waterloo admission team.

Professor Anderson mentioned that an applicant with a 3 point response can clearly communicate their motivation and future aspirations to the evaluator. This is a high-level description of how admissions work.


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