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Chuckyoops View Profile View Posts. Has anyone got Facetracknoir working with PC2? I was wondering about getting it? Showing 1 - 14 of 14 comments.

FaceTrackNoIR 1.6

Surveyor View Profile View Posts. Well, it's just my opinion, but that is one of the most useless pieces of software I ever tried. Also, head tracking without a VR set mostly gets in the way rather than helps you in a car sim, because you don't have a clear velocity vector reference ahead of you. I personally have the TrackHat clip thingie, and to tell you the truth, it's only partially helpful in flight sims. I'd rather go for EDTracker next or any other gyro-based solution for that matter Gyroscopes corrected for the drift are really good.

There is a catch though, you still need to use a point tracker for your translational needs. Surveyor, thanks for the heads up, no pun intended. So you would not advise the TrackIR system either as point of reference problems also? Last edited by Chuckyoops ; 28 Sep, am. I think OpenTrack is better. Thanks very much. It's just some old Christmas lights stuck on a reshaped wire coathanger to mimic the actual TrackIR cap clip.

That said, it should work but you'll need to run the game in VR mode. Originally posted by Chuckyoops :. I tried several trackers with Assetto Hope this helps. Originally posted by Phil Bowles :. LED hat is spot on. Maybe Samsung is just better at this Though I did notice the drift in certain cases.

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Maybe it depends on the developer either using the magnetometer for drift correction or not.FaceTrackNoIR is 'simply' a program that reads headpose-data from a face-tracker and translates this data into a protocol that another program can read. Doing so there are 2 directions in which compatibility is an issue: from the web-cam to the face-tracker and from the protocol to the 'game'.

We anticipate others, but well, the wish list is growing enough as it is Unfortunately SeeingMachines does not provide a compatibility-list, so the only thing we can do is make a list of webcams users have reported as 'working with FaceTrackNoIR'. Just hit the button on the menu-bar to show the current list. This short version of the Notes describes the system and web-cam requirements for using the faceAPI:. On the History page we kind of explain how FaceTrackNoIR has grown and the order in which the game-protocols were implemented.

The 1. Since 1. We think it's a shame that NaturalPoint is trying to monopolize the head-tracking market, by encrypting the data-stream in the latest version s.


We are glad that some game-developers like Bohemia respond in a positive way to the requests of gamers to keep supporting the older protocol sor embracing the Free-track protocol. Hit the Games button in the menu-bar to see a list of all games that were reported 'working with FaceTrackNoIR' by enthusiastic gamers. All Rights Reserved. Web-cam to face-tracker. If you want to report your webcam or game? Please contact us.You seem to have CSS turned off. Please don't fill out this field.

Modular headtracking program that supports multiple face-trackers, filters and game-protocols. Movements of the head are registered by a simple web cam: no additional hardware is required! Current version is V Waste of a few hours of my day. I won't say it didn't work at all, it was just so sporatic I never had an opportunity to play with the curves to get it working.

Sometimes it would start, sometimes not, no rhyme or reason that I could discover. Absolute Garbage. Wont track. Tech help Regardless I could not get the face track to work. I spent hours on this frustration, time you cannot get back.

Following this product since long time when I've begin play to Rise of Flight. Developer listen community and provide good support. THE alternative to trackIR and his extreme price.

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facetracknoir review

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Thread starter FreeburnSage Start date Dec 14, I've got some questions about it before I dish out some cash for a new webcam Old one shattered.

Is it even comparable to TrackIR? How's the sensitivity? Does it hit performance too much? Is it accurate to minute head movements? I can't compare it with anything else as this is the only tracking software I have used. The sensitivity can be adjusted. There are lots of option for this with multiple samples for smoothing and curves etc. It's not horribly accurate. At extreme head movements it can completely lose what way you are looking. Getting good lighting on your face helps.

This tends to work well. Latency is noticeable but quicker then fumbling around to find a key to hit. On the whole a very cool piece of software, especially as it's free.

FaceTrackNOIR review - Webcam head tracking for sim racing!

Hope that helps. Program itself runs beautifully with E: D you just need webcam capable to atleast 60fps ps3 eye cam is the best option, it can be configured upto fps. I have never used it for facetracking, but what I know it is bit heavier to use, as long as you have system that clears the min requirements easy it should not do much of a hit to performance.

Again can't say much for the accuracy with tracking your face, but it tracks my clip verywell. Again, if you have webcam capable of 60fps or more it works just fine, but if you have "normal" webcam which has fps it is going to feel bit laggy and stutter a bit because of the low framerate. Last edited: Dec 14, FT works ok but does need a bit of fiddling about to get acceptable results. The biggest issue I have with it is looking to the left or right and then down to activate the screens, FT does not handle this very well and it can be a bit hit or miss.Advanced Search.

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This will give you the info you need to get started flying and using this web site. Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Apr Posts Tracking is working, Simconnect is installed, but nothing happen when FSX is up and running. Can any one of you explain how they should work and talk together? SimConnect is supposed to connect these two programs, but have any one of you knowledge how its works? Best, Morgan! Originally Posted by Morgan1.

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No I am not using steam edition. There is no communication with FSX and the tracker. Additional info: I have FSX deluxe verison, with acceleration Simconnect is supposed to be a program file who makes it possible for 3hrd party program to communicate with fsx. Downloaded as late as yesterday, since some forums discussed it was needed to use it. Can you confirm that FaceTrackNoIR is tracking your movements and that the little head in the top left of the user interface is moving as you move your head?

Hello again today I got a surprise.Skip to content.

facetracknoir review

Branch: master. Create new file Find file History. Latest commit Fetching latest commit…. FaceTrackNoIR v. It was made using Visual Studio and Qt.

The major advantage over other headtrackers is, that it uses a simple webcam to track the face of 'the gamer'. There is no need for expensive equipment or even Borg-like devices with LED's and such. Installation: To install the program, simply start Setup.

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The FaceAPI creators recommend a dual-core processor or better. Because the 'non-commercial' version of the FaceAPI is used, the webcam can not be 'chosen': it always uses the first webcam it finds! Games: FaceTrackNoIR supports several protocols, so it can be used with several games, flight-sims and other. Please let us know if you like the program, if you have ideas for improvements or any questions you might have.

The source is also available! You signed in with another tab or window.

facetracknoir review

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Jan 18, Successfully use console app for faceAPI 3. Mar 22, Seemed missing. Jul 7, New effort to embrace faceAPI 3. Mar 21, Started Excel client.

facetracknoir review

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Head tracking for everyone - all you need is a webcam and of course, a computer! No need for any additional equipment. Want to know how to do it? All is described in this guide. This guide is not updated anymore!

This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Robi Offline. Guide Index. Compatibility with ATS. There's even more? Why do I need Opentrack? Open the subfolder " modules " and locate the file " NPClient Once you have copied the.

Locate the ' NPClient Now you can paste the ' NPClient FaceTrackNoIR installation may not create a desktop shortcut. This should work with ATS too, I haven't tried it out but it should.


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